Embrace Birth--Birth Stories

Birth Stories from other HypnoBirthing families

Julie D:

"When I learned I was pregnant I knew natural childbirth would be the best choice for me. However, I knew I would need the tools for pain management. After some Internet research I bought Marie Mongan’s book, HypnoBirthing. As I began to read the book I realized that I would need to take a course to help prepare me for labor. I found Emily Nolte’s class on the HypnoBirthing website. There are only two Hypnobirthing instructors in Houston and she was located closer to me. I’m so grateful that fate would lead us to Emily. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but her class was exactly what I hoped for. She welcomed us into her home, which provided an inviting and relaxing environment for our practice. Emily is easy going and nurturing. I never felt weighed down by the information because she presented it in a structured, but relaxed format. Often times our discussions would lead us on to new topics and she always went in that direction and revisited new topics at the appropriate time. She provided our class with visuals, which ended up being incredibly useful during my labor experience. Emily and HypnoBirthing gave me a toolbox in which I could find what I needed for my experience. I wasn’t told what to do at what time, but rather given the knowledge and tools to chose what I would need for my baby’s birth. I ended up using the breathing techniques and visualization.  I thought I would use the Rainbow Relaxation because I would listen to the CD every night at bedtime. However, when my husband turned it on during labor, I didn’t even notice because I was in my head and so focused on my breath. I would recommend HypnoBirthing for an easy birth. I would also recommend Emily Nolte as a HypnoBirthing instructor. I’m sad that she’s leaving Houston, but I know she will provide women with the knowledge they need in any city!"                

Jodi S.:
(Her fourth birth, 1st time using HypnoBirthing, after wanting a better experience than previous births)

"Our daughter was born on May 3rd at 9:01pm. She weighed 8 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. she was 41 weeks gestation.Her birth was so peaceful and beautiful. We arrived at the birthing center at 6:50 pm. I was dilated to 6-7cm. The midwife allowed me to labor peacefully on the birthing  ball for about an hour and applied hot rice sacks to my back since I was having back pain. She then had me stand and do side lunges for a while to relieve the pressure from my back and reposition the baby in my pelvis. After about 5 contractions I laid on my left side on the bed in a runners position. About 10 minutes later my water broke on its own. I had just enough time to get into the birthing tub to deliver! 6 minutes later she was born and I received her under the water. It was perfect.

I used all of the breathing techniques we learned in our HB class the entire time. The only vocal sounds I made was when I was actually pushing her out. (I had the intense urge to push and could not gather enough composure to quietly breathe the baby down!) My husband and my midwife said they never even knew when I was having a surge because I was so calm and quiet. My husband said he caught on when he noticed that my breathing would change during a surge. I also used the Steven Halpern music to help me relax. The whole experience was unforgettable, thank you for partnering with us and helping us prepare for this beautiful event in our lives!"    

Hannah A:

"Hi everyone! Our baby was born Sunday at 6:25pm. Everyone involved with the birth was impressed with Hypnobirthing! It was a wonderful experience! And it is so true
 about the baby sliding right out! So hard to even describe! 

Oh! It's a BOY! Joel Stephen, 6#3oz. "

Erika K:

"My surges began early Friday morning before I went to my weekly OB/GYN appointment, I had a little blood in my underwear but my doctor wasn't concerned since I was feeling great. I went to get my nails done with a friend and later that night I had dinner with friends and my surges were coming every 30 minutes but I just went inside myself and would breathe (my friends later told me they had no idea I was having them). When I got home I was unable to really sleep not because they were painful but just more uncomfortable since this is the first time I had ever experienced this. The hot bath was my savior and I probably spent a total of 6 hours in there while listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD. I was comfortable at home and my husband made sure I drank a lot of fluids (however I would recommend to others to drink water and Gatorade or power aide as well so not to get dehydrated in the tub). He encouraged me and did light touch massage. There was a point where I texted you [Emily, HB instructor] because I was feeling nauseous and my legs were shaking as if I was freezing during my surges. Your words of encouragement really helped. I stayed home until I saw a good amount of blood in my underwear then we headed to the hospital (my husband encouraged me to stay home otherwise I would have gone in too early and probably gotten an epidural).

By the time I got to the hospital I was 6 centimeters dilated. The hospital staff was 'in awe' that I was talking and walking around during my surges. By the time I was in the birthing room and undressed I told them I was having more pressure during my surges. Within a few minutes I told the nurse to get the Dr because I was going to breathe the baby down. She sort of laughed and checked me and then she rushed to get the Dr. By the time the Dr came I was actively breathing my baby down, she asked if I wanted to use the bathroom and I laughed and told here it was too late for that. (I do remember the Dr saying our room felt like a spa-thanks to my husband who dimmed the lights, set up a waterfall CD, and had a sentsy warmer with lavender plugged in which really helped set the mood). I was actively breathing my baby down for 20 minutes then she came. I did feel a lot of pressure when she came out and a little bit of burning but nothing horrible. I did unfortunately need stitches (on the side, not bottom area) my Dr said it was due to me dilating so quickly and baby came out very quickly, and I'm guessing that's always why I felt the little bit of burning.
Once I was cleaned up I needed to move to my recovery room, which I decided to walk to (apparently that is unheard of for women to not ask for a wheelchair, but I felt so great, I was just starving!). During recovery I had two doctors and about 4 different nurses come in my room saying they heard about me and my amazing delivery. :-)
I would have to say the whole experiences wasn't fun, but I was relaxed and confident and I can definitely do this again. My sister who gave birth a month after me did not do HypnoBirthing and had surges for 72 hours, 'pushed' for 3 and then after all that had to have a C-section. So yes, I am a huge supporter of HypnoBirthing and I am telling all my friends!
After my wonderful experience, I'm excited to perfect my birthing experience for next time since I will know what to expect and how amazing my body is and how I am in control of it.

Thanks so much for teaching us, I will be back for a refresher in about 2 years! "

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