Embrace Birth--What you will learn

HypnoBirthing is taught in a series of 5 classes.  All the tools, techniques and strategies you learn are designed to help you turn your birthing over to your "birthing body" and thus create a calm, easier and more comfortable birth for you and your baby.

You will learn:

  • Everything you need to know to achieve a safer, easier and more comfortable birth.
  • How the mind and emotions affect the body.
  • Why labor hurts and why it doesn’t have to.
  • How to release fear, the enemy of labor.
  • Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome.
  • How your body is naturally designed to conceive, nurture and birth your baby with ease and comfort. You will gain an understanding of the stages of labor.
  • To create your body’s own natural relaxant, the only safe labor enhancement.
  • Natural ways to bring your body into labor without artificial chemical induction, as well as preparation to avoid episiotomy.
  • How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm, serene and joyful, rather than tense and stressful.
  • Gentle birthing techniques that allow you to breathe your baby into the world without the violence of hard physical pushing.
  • To use your natural birthing instincts to birth your baby in a way that most mirrors the way that nature intended.
  •  How to release old fears and beliefs so they do not interfere with your calm birth.

You will receive a copy of the HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method book, useful handouts, and 2 CDs for reading and practicing at home.  The more you practice, the better you will get at using the techniques.  You will also watch many wonderful videos of peaceful births during class.


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