Embrace Birth--About Instructor

About Instructor

Emily Nolte, HBCE. B.A. Humanities and International Development from BYU.

Emily is a certified Childbirth Educator through the HypnoBirthing Institute of New Hampshire.  Her passion for positive birth began during her first pregnancy in 2003.  Confident in her body's ability to birth, she heard many warnings of "just wait til you see what it's really like!"  from other mothers.  She couldn't wait to give birth so that she would have some clout to say that there has to be a better way to give birth than what many mothers in the U.S. endure.  Her son's birth was positive, but she felt she needed more to prepare for the next time.  Happily, during her second pregnancy she was introduced to HypnoBirthing through her CNM.  With that method, she was able to improve on her first experience: a quick, comfortable unmedicated birth, with no tearing.  Baby breastfed well, and mom didn't dread the labor--in fact, it was something to look forward to during pregnancy.   With baby number three another beautiful HypnoBirth was experienced.  After this birth, she decided to train with HypnoBirthing to help other women give themselves and their babies a wonderful birth experience--something worth looking forward to! 

Baby four arrived August 2012--it was a longer, harder but joyous, wonderful birth!  It will soon be featured internationally on the HypnoBirthing Stories educational DVD.

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